En Doft

En Doft™ is the result of a collaboration between French born Perfume designer Emmanuel Martini and All Matters Studio, a Stockholm based Interior design studio. En Doft™ is a luxury brand of exclusive high quality home fragrances. Room Perfumes which will enhance the atmosphere of your modern home environment. Made with the highest quality ingredients available, and as a traditional perfume, our Room Perfumes are produced in limited and small batches handcrafted in Copenhagen. Emmanuel has created the first two scents, Domus Sanctus and Aestas Liguria, from the interior visions of All Matters studio's universe, with a distinct inspiration from the Mediterranean region.

En Doft™ was launched at 3daysofDesign on 16th of June in Copenhagen 2022. Stay tuned by following our Instagram below. Or email us as hello@endoft.com to recivieve futher information.