En Doft™

The brand En Doft™ initially started as a collaboration between French born Perfume designer Emmanuel Martini and All Matters Studio, Stockholm based design studio. The aim of the collaboration was to do a scent capturing the design universe of All Matters Studio. The development of the first scent DOMUS SANCTUS resulted in the establishment of En Doft, a luxury brand of exclusive high quality fragrances. Emmanuel and the two partners of All Matters Studio share a great enthusiasm for perfume and with a passion for creation, together with unique sensitivity, their joint venture have made it possible to create a distinctive brand.All scents are created in Emmanuel's studio in Copenhagen, and are produced in small batches. 

En Doft's signature lies in using high quality ingredients for the development of the perfume oil in order to create a long lasting, distinctive sensory experience. The scents are created from the memory of certain or imaginary architectural landscapes or a distant travel memory, whether that being a landscape scenery in the Mediterranean Region, the warm summer breeze along the Italian Riviera, or the spiritual scent of a monastery in a quiet village in the mountains. The quality of the essences, together with the subtle elegance of the overall design expression is what define the signature of En Doft. En Doft plans to expand the range of products to also include scented candles, hand soap and body perfumes. 

En Doft™ – Timeline / Product Essentials