"DOMUS SANCTUS" is the first fragrance of En Doft and was initially designed as a signature perfume for All Matters Studio. The aim as a design studio is to enhance the interiors around us, All Matters Studio wanted to also impact the scent of a room. Domus Sanctus is Latin and means "sacred home/house". During the design process we discussed acts of rituals in your house, and the need to creating a homey and cosy atmosphere wherever you live. Any home should always be a safe heaven, a place of relaxation and recreation for body and mind. Domus Santus was launched during 3DaysofDesign in Copenhagen 2022.

Description: A rich, warm, balsamic and powerful room perfume conjuring up spirituality. Incense volutes along with ambery, leathery and smokey facets. The intense first impression is followed by elegant woods and precious oud notes. Developed for long lasting presences, this perfume is formulated with focus only on heart and base notes.

Fragrance family: Balsamic and woody


  • Heart notes: Musk, Myrrh, Labdanum, Amber accord.
  • Base notes: Cedar Wood Virginia, Patchouli heart, Leather accord, Frankincense, Oud.

Creation secret: It is primarily composed of heart and base notes that have greater endurance. This allows the fragrance to linger longer than other conventional room perfumes, solidifying the identity and ambiance of any daily interior as a decorative item itself.

Natural ingredient content is up to 30% in the perfume oil and contains natural oud oil.

Available in 15ml and 50ml.