DRIPPING RHUBARB is the 4th fragrance designed by En Doft™ developed in collaboration with Tableau.

Description: DRIPPING RHUBARB is a scent that captivates the soul and makes people wonder whether they are placed in a surrealistic forest where tulips grow two meters tall, or in a metallic yet soft dream where mossy mountain fountains splash with soft soil, or perhaps standing in a massive river with tree trunks passing rapidly while rhubarb falls from the sky.

Fragrance family: Green, fruity and woody


  • Top notes: Rheum rhabarbarum (Rhubarb), Surreal green leaf
  • Heart notes: Abstract Rheum x hybridum, Hatsuzakura tulip, tiny green pea,
  • Base notes: Wet forest accord, patchouli, tree moss oil, galbanum, artificial geosmin.

Creation secret: The scent of the Hatsuzakura tulip is a reconstruction of the natural scent, which was achieved by using the data of the analyse of the scent compounds of 51 tulip cultivars with distinct aromas, conducted by the NARO Institute of Floricultural Science in Tsukuba and the Horticultural Research Institute in Tonami, both located in Japan in 2013.

Available in 15ml and 50ml.