The Process of Creating a Perfume

A fragrance often originates from creative inspiration, telling a story based on real experiences.Sometimes, the aim is to recreate an ambiance or an olfactory memory, like with Aestas Liguria, the Citrus Bergamia, also known as Bergamot, probably evokes associations towards a warm summer on the Italian Riviera. Anne-Mette and Fredrik share their stories and creative ideas, and Emmanuel captures them in fragrances. From the very beginning, En Doft has been creating perfumes autonomously, from start to finish, for each project.

Each endeavour is created with no marketing perfume brief solely focused on reaching target customers.The process involves:- Starting with a raw material (such as Frankincense/Olibanum for OLIBANUM III), to which new and unique accords are added to tell a story.- Drawing inspiration from a narrative or memory (e.g., a Mediterranean vacation paired with bergamot and petit grain for AESTAS LIGURIA).- Conceptualizing a story (e.g., capturing the scent of a surrealist forest where tulips grow two meters tall, with rhubarb leaves falling from the sky for DRIPPING RHUBARB).

The time required to create a perfume can vary significantly, but on average, it takes about one year. The formulas are tested with different perfume concentrations in various locations and environments.

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