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Room perfumes

Just a few spritzes is all that is needed to instantly add a sophisticated and personal olfactory atmosphere to a room. It elegantly precedes a scented candle, acting as a complement and a fragrance partner, already releasing its notes while the candlegradually scents the surroundings as the wax gets warm. The spray is unquestionably versatileand can express itself with gentle or if so wanted a more intense energy. To add your favourite Room Perfume simply spray any fabric; curtains, pillows or rugs, while maintaining a distance of 30cm. The Room Perfumes are formulated as a perfume oil, with only the best ingredients available.

The oil is later diluted as an Eau de Toilette but developed for the home their notes are instantly expressed, enhancing a room and allowing the necessary intensity of fragrance to spread in the air.

Room Perfume vs. Body Perfume

Why a perfume for the room instead of a body perfume? Perfume has mostly entered people's lives in the form of body perfume, whether as a distinct social dimension or a habitual consumption act or behaviour. By creating a Room Perfume, we reconnect with perfumes ancient and original form, which was intended for ritualistic and ambient purposes.

All Matters Studio being a design studio working with furniture and interior design, the room was the main focal point from the beginning.